UNHOMELY/ fluc Vienna 2020

MARDOMAK: Little People: Pupil

from Wikitionary:مردم • (mardom) (plural مردمان‎ (mardomân) or مردم‌ها‎ (mardom-hâ)) (archaic) human. people. (literary) pupil (of the eye) synonym ▲ Synonym: (more common) مردمک‎ (mardomak)

Mardomak’s Sculpture is 17 pieces of cooked clay, made as a puzzle, each piece is between 10 to 15 cm.

The work has been chosen for an exhibition called Unhomely, as a poster on outside wall of Fluc in Vienna.

The concept comes from a modern poetry from Nima/ Iran: Literal meaning: I have my eyes on your way; Symbolized: I’m waiting for you (To Ra Man Chashm Dar Raham)

The concept of the artwork has been compatible with the theme of Unhomely exhibition.

From the curator: ‘ In the exhibition ‘the unhomely’ we seek to reflect on the condition of in-betweenness and the insiders-outsideness, by approaching our own backgrounds’ read more


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Video-Installation format

Set-Up: a table with the sculpture on 1,2cm: a source of a portrait light 1,7 high 45grade + A wall/ screen 1920*1080Px.

This project has been developed in an audio/ visual format. A video which supposed to be mapped on 9 different slides on the wall and on the main middle slide is the shadow of puzzle sculpture. click here to watch the video.

*the video has a mapping format and has been not edited for a single screen.

Check other photos of sculptor.

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